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Mantis is a brand that deals with the production of tennis accessories (rackets, strings, balls,...) and, being planned new for the sports market, has established high-profile ties in the world of sport to get seriously noticed.


The Mantis brand message is simple: to provide a premium product without charging a premium price.


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  • Quality: Mantis uses only the highest quality materials available in the industry and works with the most respected suppliers in the world when developing our entire product ranges
  • Performance: the wide range of products has been developed for players of all ages and abilities, to give the best result point by point
  • Value: product enhancement offering the best quality / price ratio
  • Customization: all players are different and have different playing styles. Consequently, Mantis racquets have been specially developed to allow easy customization
  • Technology: ideal equipment to maximize product potential



Go to the Mantis Sport website: https://www.mantis-sport.com/