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Ismerian is an institute for regenerative and sports medicine that offers a new and integrated model of prevention and treatment in which medical, psychological and sports sciences competencies merge to create innovative services with a high scientific content.

For each patient ISMERIAN develops a personalized plan for health optimization, prevention and counteraction of aging.

The method adopts a number of innovative interventions to monitor and improve human health and performance:

  • Evaluation of stress levels through heart rate variability
  • Reduction of fatigue and improvement of recovery through biofeedback and mind training
  • Biochemical analysis panels (urine, blood, saliva) to determine the functionality of the organism, hormonal balance, oxidative stress levels, nutritional deficiencies and individual needs for food supplementation
  • Genomic analysis for the early determination of health risk

Through the Ismerian expertise, Tennis Consulting cares of your health:

  • To reduce recovery times
  • To select optimal workloads
  • To evaluate and reduce psycho-physiological stress levels
  • To develop a personalized nutrition regime
  • To manage sleep and jet lag
  • To develop personalized food supplementation plans
  • To determine predispositions towards diseases through genomic testing
  • To analyze cellular biochemistry and metabolic functionality

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