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The project is finalized to provide to a group of talented Tanzanian kids the opportunity to learn tennis in a professional environment and for them to make a unique and healthy life experience.

The African kids have a natural talent for Sport and therefore they have all the necessary skills to play Tennis at the highest level.

The Tennis base for all trainings and activities should be in the area of Tanga and of the business capital Dar es Salaam.
The location has been identify and it is available for building a Sport facility with tennis hard courts.

The most talented of the group will have the opportunity to train in Europe and to approach the professional Tennis in the International Training Center we have created in Venice (Italy).

When the players had reached a competitive level, they will come back to Africa, Tanzania in particular, in order to organize sport/social & communication events around them; in this way we would also assist the community in general by creating enthusiasm and motivation to play Tennis and Sport.

During July and August 2013 Fabrizio Caldarone will be newly in the African countries to continue the work.



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